Photo of 30 Baldwin Street

30 Baldwin Street


This house still stands though is now the premises of the Bodega Restaurant. Susanna’s former bedroom windows now look down onto its paved outdoor terrace.

Excerpt of Letter to Catherine Parr Traill in Lakefield, Ontario:

30 Baldwin Street (Toronto)
June 20th, 1879

My Dearest Katey,

We have quite got over the trouble of moving and I am settled in a very nice room with two large windows fronting the south and a good view up and down our short broad street which is turfed and planted with trees. I miss the lovely trees in the Avenue, but we are only a few minutes walk from it. The tremendous storm last Sunday washed all the chestnut blossoms and did a good deal of damage in the city. It began on Saturday, bombarded us all night and culminated on Sunday evening after setting several houses on fire. I feel less timid of it than I did at Lakefield and can shut out the lightniing with the Venetian blinds which I find a great comfort. You can sleep with them down and the windows open but the weather has been too cold for that.

I have been looking out for your Walter, but hear no tidings of him yet. I find that he is a great favorite at Katie’s and will be sure to be welcome. Robert had his best great coat stolen off the rack in the hall, and when moving – a whole suit of clothes. We are so beset by tramps that if the maid turns from the door for a minute they are apt to steal anything at hand. Nellie had a good many things stolen while moving. I was away at Brockton, but lost a few things I had left unlocked up. I have scarcely left the house since we came here, and have only been able to walk over to see Katie two or three times and I cannot think of cab hire. Poor Donald needs all I can spare. I have no good news of him yet. When I heard from him, he had left the Home, not having means to pay 5 dollars a week board, and I don’t know how he is getting food since. This keeps me very anxious and yet when a letter comes I feel so nervous it is some time before I can get courage to open it.